We believe that God is moving us forward as a church from membership to partnership.  Instead of automatically switching present members to partners, we would like to give you the opportunity to personally recommit as partners, being refreshed in the vision, direction and core values of Prayer & Praise.  A handout is available for those who are interested in becoming partners, explaining the vision behind the change of membership to partnership.  Please take a few minutes to watch the message posted below, “The New Wine | Vision Sunday”, to get a better understanding of the direction we believe God has shown us as a church body.  So whether you have been a member for years, or you are ready to jump in and  join the pursuit for the very first time by becoming a partner, we ask that you call our office during business hours to set up a time for Pastor Henrik and Dawn to connect with you and guide you through this process.  You can call the office at 231-843-4124 during our office hours which are Tuesday & Thursday from 9:00 – 5:00.