Pastor Henrik & Dawn

Holy Spirit and Missions

Pastor Henrik & Dawn Lidman

I came to the US for the first time in 1989 through a organization called YWAM. I went through Discipleship School and School of Evangelism on the YWAM base in Tyler TX. That is where I met Dawn who 2 years later became my wife. We lived in Ludington for a short time before we moved to Sweden to work in my parents bakery, (I am a pastry chef by trade :). During this time we had two kids and Dawn got to know my family, culture and fresh pastries. After four years we felt called to move back to Ludington and work with Prayer and Praise under the leadership of Pastor Robert Wrasse. Pastor Bob became my mentor and friend. After serving the church as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and whatever title fit at the moment, I became the senior Pastor in 2009. I have three Kids: Leah, Daniel and David. 

To be a Pastor in the Assemblies of God is a good fit for me. The Assemblies of God was birthed in revival and was formed for the purpose of sending missionaries all over the world. The presence of God is very important to me, in our church we do everything we can to usher in the presence of God, we are in pursuit, knowing that if people can come to our church and have an encounter with God we will have become the safe harbor that people are looking for. Missions are big at our church.  Being from another nation and having the training from YWAM helps in keeping a global mindset that is reflected throughout our congregation through flags, maps and intercessions for the nations.

So a long story made short: I love the presence of God and I love missions. I hope that you will join us in our pursuit and that you will find Prayer and Praise to be a safe harbor where God can touch your life and define you in His presence.

Pastor Henrik