Practical Steps from Acts 27:
● Lighten Your Ship. v18-19 Focus on the essentials. Keep major things major and
minor things minor. This is a time of decluttering both physically and spiritually.
● Look For Encounters With Heaven. v 22-24 Let that be your source. Make times
to just sit before the Lord, no agenda just Him. Use Psalm 27 as a platform.
● FInd Your Voice. v10-21 People want to hear from you. Be an ambassador of
peace in the storm. Be bold and loving, people are scared.
● Take Nourishment. v33 Make a decision to come out of this stronger, in spirit,
soul and body. Feed your spirit through Bible reading and worship. Feed your
soul with good reading, testimonies and positivity from heaven. Feed your body
by exercising and eating right. It is a time of sanctification. Read 1 Thess 5:23
● Break Bread Together. v35-36 Stay connected with life-groups and friends:
fellowship over phone, email, texting, Messenger. Choose to stay encouraged by
keeping in contact.
● Keep The Faith. Take heart and stay out of fear. v25 “And so it was that they all
escaped safely to the land.” v 44 Stay focused on the faithfulness of God, He will
see you through. There is a Bible app called You-Version that has really good
topical devotions; you can even add people to your study and do the study